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e-Payment Orders :

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SR.No.DistrictJanpadPanchayate-PO NumberBillsAmountSubmitted to Bank onDebit IFSCDebit Account No.Payment StatusView
1 VidishaJanpad Panchayat, KurwaiPathari22530211 25275.0023/11/2019SBIN003007832165045287Sent for Payment
2 NeemuchJanpad Panchayat, ManasaBaarwadia22530201 40640.0023/11/2019SBIN003040732162028934Submitted to Bank
3 HoshangabadJanpad Panchayat, BankhediSemkheda22530191 12000.0023/11/2019CBIN02836792052692961Submitted to Bank
4 HoshangabadJanpad Panchayat, BankhediBhairopur22530183 113600.0023/11/2019CBIN02836792052692337Submitted to Bank
5 HoshangabadJanpad Panchayat, BankhediPaliyapiparia22530177 141385.0023/11/2019CBIN02836792052693078Submitted to Bank
6 KatniJanpad Panchayat, Dheemar Kheda Baroda22530153 225300.0023/11/2019CBIN02816872370898904Submitted to Bank
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